Several years ago we started training together and he helped me a lot and ran my dog Panda for me when I wasn’t able to due to health and family issues. Panda is smart and talented but she had a full bag of tricks and was very test wise. Bobby was able to figure her out and put her Master Hunter on her and not only that, he really established a bond with her and despite the fact that she is willing to run for anyone, she runs better for him than for anyone else that ever handled her, including me.

So naturally I was thrilled when he turned from training his own and friends’ dogs part time to becoming a full time professional and I became his first client, entrusting him with a very nice young dog that had stalled in training. He was quickly able to get her to trust him and because she’s soft, he adapted a training program for her that fit her needs and helped her advance rapidly. He just has an intuitive sense of what a dog needs to advance and fits the training to the dog; he does not try to force a square peg into a round hole. He’s also a hard worker and treats my dogs as if they’re his own and part of his family. I highly recommend him, especially for Chesapeake owners.”

Julie Reardon, Hope Springs Farm, breeder and owner of Chesapeakes since 1981.