We take pride in giving each dog personalized training and care while at Troy Creek Retrievers.

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Retriever Training

Troy Creek Retrievers trains retrievers to succeed at all levels of hunt tests, to perform proper gun dog work, and become excellent hunting companions.

Obedience Training

For the non-hunter or non-retrieving breeds, Troy Creek Retrievers offers formal basic obedience training.

About Us

Troy Creek Retrievers started with owner, Bobby Baldwin’s passion to raise and train gun dogs. 

Bobby’s first working retriever was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Baylee. Baylee was a fantastic example of an old line Chesapeake and was loved by everyone who hunted over her. Bobby and Baylee were introduced to NAHRA and AKC hunt tests in the late 1990’s and the rest has become history. 

Troy Creek Retrievers is a full service retriever training kennel located in Westmoreland County on Virginia’s Northern Neck. 

Troy Creek Retrievers trains retrievers to succeed at all levels of hunt tests, to perform proper gun dog work, become excellent hunting companions, and be wonderful companions for your family.

Our Facility


We have access to thousands of acres of private land with many ponds, offering retrievers a variety of training set-ups and experiences.


Troy Creek Retrievers is committed to providing a safe, clean, and comfortable home to all the dogs kenneled in our facility.

What our customers are saying.

“Bobby has taken our boy Rio from being an “overly indulged puppy” to a serious young ‘man’!

Rio loves him and his job, tail always going, eager work. Bobby has a gentle firmness about his methods and truly understands the breed. They don’t have to be “broken” to succeed, they can be molded. Rio has 2 legs toward his JH and is training for SH, it’s been a rewarding journey .”

Val Jablonski ~ Colonial Heights, VA

“Bobby is an outstanding trainer.

He took my year old chessie through OB, FF, taught her how to swim and handled her to a junior title in 4 months. He understands the breed, and you can tell he honestly loves the dogs. He runs an outstanding kennel and a grade A operation.”

Ryan Schaal ~ Moyock, NC

“Professional training with exceptional and highly personable service!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Bobby Baldwin absolutely exceeded my expectations and my 1 year old Chessie (Rainier) is now rock solid in the duck blind. Well behaved, focused and working off my commands like a field trial champion. I highly recommend Bobby and his Troy Creek outfit. Not only does he provide professional training, he is incredible welcoming and encourages customers to visit and participate in the dog’s training program. You can and will get to see first hand how well he runs his business. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to hear first hand about my experience.”

David Meteyer ~ Oakton, VA

“At the age of 7 months old, my chocolate lab, named Brody, was about 75% obedience trained

(from myself ) but had zero drive for retrieving anything, birds, bumpers, etc. I brought him to Bobby to explain/demonstrate the retrieving issue. Most trainers would have shaken my hand and told me good luck there’s nothing they can do for me, but Bobby accepted this challenge. So I handed Brody over to him. So after day to day updates, A LOT of phone calls/texts and the many times I went to Bobby’s house to see the training sessions, I was very surprised at what I was seeing. Brody was showing interest in retrieving! My wife said it is like Bobby has flipped a switch in Brody’s head. I said, ‘Brody had it in him the whole time. He just needed the right person to bring it out.’ And Bobby sure as heck did. So long story short, I highly recommend Bobby. He is a knowledgeable and trustworthy person and an all around diligent dog trainer. I can keep on and on but I’ll just say, thank you Bobby for all you have done for me and Brody.”

Kenny Urf ~ Fredericksburg, VA

“I’ve known Bobby for 13 years and was always impressed with how well trained his dogs were and what a confident handler he was.

Several years ago we started training together and he helped me a lot and ran my dog Panda for me when I wasn’t able to due to health and family issues. Panda is smart and talented but she had a full bag of tricks and was very test wise. Bobby was able to figure her out and put her Master Hunter on her and not only that, he really established a bond with her and despite the fact that she is willing to run for anyone, she runs better for him than for anyone else that ever handled her, including me.

So naturally I was thrilled when he turned from training his own and friends’ dogs part time to becoming a full time professional and I became his first client, entrusting him with a very nice young dog that had stalled in training. He was quickly able to get her to trust him and because she’s soft, he adapted a training program for her that fit her needs and helped her advance rapidly. He just has an intuitive sense of what a dog needs to advance and fits the training to the dog; he does not try to force a square peg into a round hole. He’s also a hard worker and treats my dogs as if they’re his own and part of his family. I highly recommend him, especially for Chesapeake owners.”

Julie Reardon, Hope Springs Farm, breeder and owner of Chesapeakes since 1981.

“Before meeting Bobby Baldwin, I was unable to walk my Doberman Pinscher, Ruby, on a leash or transport her in my car.

I didn’t know what else to do with her and was considering giving her away. Ruby was unruly and extremely anxious. Bobby was able to help me learn to control Ruby on a leash after about 3 training sessions. Ruby can still walk and run with me on a leash, although the training sessions were completed two years ago. Bobby was also able to suggest a safe alternative to having Ruby loose in the back of the car. She would bark uncontrollably at passing cars and at traffic cones on the highway. His suggestions resulted in me, my son, and the dog being much more comfortable on both short and long car trips. Without Bobby’s simple but excellent training, I am certain I would have had to give up my dog.”

Niccole Taylor ~ Fredericksburg, VA

The Chesapeake Whisperer

I first met Bobby in 2016 when I was searching for someone to train my young Chesapeake Bay Retriever – Chase.  I was apprehensive to leave my pup with just anyone and Bobby came recommended from a friend.  I entrusted him with Chase, and I returned to Pennsylvania questioning my decision every day.

I returned to Troy Creek Retrievers months later to get Chase as his training was complete.  The transformation was amazing!  The young puppy I left had now turned into an obedient and disciplined started gun dog.  Bobby has continued to work with Chase over time and he has earned his Senior Hunting title as well as his WDX.

I can’t say enough about the relationship that Bobby establishes with each dog he trains.  He personalizes the training for each dog, and they respond willingly to his methods.  I highly recommend Bobby if you are seeking a top of the line trainer.

Jerry Succi
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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