(from myself ) but had zero drive for retrieving anything, birds, bumpers, etc. I brought him to Bobby to explain/demonstrate the retrieving issue. Most trainers would have shaken my hand and told me good luck there’s nothing they can do for me, but Bobby accepted this challenge. So I handed Brody over to him. So after day to day updates, A LOT of phone calls/texts and the many times I went to Bobby’s house to see the training sessions, I was very surprised at what I was seeing. Brody was showing interest in retrieving! My wife said it is like Bobby has flipped a switch in Brody’s head. I said, ‘Brody had it in him the whole time. He just needed the right person to bring it out.’ And Bobby sure as heck did. So long story short, I highly recommend Bobby. He is a knowledgeable and trustworthy person and an all around diligent dog trainer. I can keep on and on but I’ll just say, thank you Bobby for all you have done for me and Brody.”

Kenny Urf ~ Fredericksburg, VA